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Financial Management Course

This course is for small organisations and will help understand and organise your finances. If you have difficulty communicating with your auditor, your treasurer we look at every aspect of financial management and use both case studies and your own accounts to illustrate theory in a really practical way. Over the two days you will cover.
Time: 2 days


This is a one day course on how to prepare a budget for your organisation internal control. The course will help you understand what direct and indirect costs are and how to monitor your day to day expenses including employees’ NI contributions. Understand how to write a cash flow and how the organisation can survive on existing funding. Breakeven analysis and understanding stepped costs will help you to consider how the volume of outputs affects costs.
Time: All day


This is a beginner’s course which consists of 1. Setting up a simple book-keeping system 2. Choosing analysis column headings and their relationship to the budget 3. Filing invoices and records of income so they cross reference to the book-keeping system. 4. Person appointment to sign cheques 5. Financial controls, 6. Ban reconciliation 7. Petty cash and cash income.
Time: 2 days course


This can be taken by itself, or as part of basic bookkeeping. Knowledge of the cash analysis book is assumed. Bank reconciliation checks the accuracy of your cash analysis book entries and bank statements. It is an essential part of accurate book- keeping.
Time: 3hrs


This course will help you learn : petty cash impress system: a) choosing column headings; controls to prevent fraud, accounting for cash income and regular cash payments; floats; why book not balancing.
Time: 2 hrs