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Health And Social Care Diploma Level 3


Course Overview

To achieve this qualification, candidates must achieve a minimum of 58 Credits. To do this they must achieve:

Learners claiming a specialist pathway (Dementia or Adults with Learning Disabilities) must achieve some specified units within the credits required in Groups B and C.

Age group: 16-18 and 19+

This qualification is suitable for:
This qualification is suitable for those who work within the health and social care workforce. It provides learners with an opportunity to demonstrate their competence in a wide range of job roles.
The qualification has been developed to meet specific needs in England.
This qualification will form part of the Apprenticeship Frameworks in the Sector.

What we do

We offer training programme which aims to provide an insight into the skills required to work in the healthcare sector. Enhancing your professional skills will not only enable you to provide a higher standard of service but will also increase job satisfaction and confidence.

The objective of this programme is to provide teaching and support to health and social care workers to:


The duration of the course is 6 – 12 months.
This will be undertaken by qualified tutors with the accredited A1 qualification.
They will develop the candidate’s knowledge, understanding and the skills in relation to Health and Social Care.

The tutors will:

Course Delivery

Training sessions are undertaken once every 2 weeks and it is 4 hours per a session. These sessions are designed to cover a unit per session.

When the required number of units has been covered, the assessment process then begins. This involves the observation of the candidate in the application of what they have learnt and it is over 3 sessions of 2 hours per session.

The candidate’s portfolio is then completed and submitted for verification by the internal and external verifiers who will then determine whether the candidate has passed.