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Silvermentors Homeshare supporting carers and people with care needs by delivering high quality home support services. We offer:

Homeshare is a simple and affordable service for people who feel vulnerable or isolated, and who need help and companionship around the home. Our carefully selected homesharers can help with things like cleaning, laundry and shopping, as well as providing friendship and security.
Homeshare gives you the support you need to enjoy life to the full and gives your loved ones peace of mind
To discuss your care support needs, please contact us on Tel: 02036018727

Silvermentor Homeshare Helps:

“it is really comforting to know that there’s someone else around the house if I need someone to talk to” Mrs Jones

Homeshare Offers:

How SilverMentors works:

We take care of all matching arrangements and provide ongoing support- safety and security are paramount
Close working relationship with family members/carers.

We carry out the selection and matching process to find the best Homesharer. All prospective Homesharers are interviewed, reference and Criminal Records Bureau checked. Once we have found a match for you, an Agreement is set up between the Householder and Homesharer.

The Householder offers a bedroom and share of the home’s facilities in return for about 10 hours a week of practical support, such as cooking, and light housework. An important feature is that the Homesharer is present 7 days a week.

Homesharers continue their regular employment and or studies during the day. The 10 hours help they provide is spread across 3 – 4 evenings a week with a little on the weekend. The Homesharer have 3 evenings away per week to themselves, although they still sleep in the house to provide the security. Once a month Homesharer have a week end away from Friday back Sunday.


The Householder and Homesharer pay a small monthly fee to Silvermentor Homeshare.